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Aluminium Lattice - Tradional

At Eze Security are the experts when it comes to Aluminium Lattice all sizes and building fitting are no problem at At Eze security. Choose your colours of lattice and a different colour frame if desired.

Why choose Aluminium Lattice instead of wooden lattice.

Long lasting no maintenance compared to wood lattice, view this picture of aluminium lattice installed 8 years ago, open to all weather and as good as the day it was installed by At Eze Security.. Wooden lattice paint can peel after a few years, wood can crack and warp due to moisture from rain and heat, to repaint wood lattice is a tedious time consuming job by hand with all the different angles and crevices.. or employ a trades men at more cost. Aluminium Lattice is low maintenance, does not fade, lasts for decades, far stronger then wood for security and aluminium will not burn, a added safety feature to your home.

Installed in 2011

Our aluminium lattice is made from strong powder coated alloy and is predone to assembly, so you can choose your colours to your taste.

Modern Slatting Lattice -
Adding value to your home

Slatted Lattice - Whether renovating an older home or finishing a new project.

The smooth and elegant lines of the powder coated or anodised aluminium will enhance the overall appearance of your property, without the constant maintenance requirement of other systems.

A quick hose down wil maintain its peristine condition for many years to come.

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